Q: Do you offer photography classes for new beginners?
WSPC has featured speakers who often give pointers on improving member’s photography, but we do not offer classes on learning how to use your camera or take photographs.  Several excellent locations in the city offer hands-on photography classes.


Q: Can I join your club?
If you are interested in joining for the first time, please email your contact information and any questions you have to wspc.treasurer@gmail.com, or join us at a regular Wednesday night meeting.

Q:  Can I bring a guest to a meeting or field trip?
A:  Yes, but please have the guest complete a membership form so we have a record of a non-member’s attendance.

WSPC Gallery

Q. How many images can I include in my Gallery?
A. Twelve

Q: What are the file size dimensions for a WSPC Gallery submission?
A: Maximum file dimensions: 1200 pixels on the longest side, jpg file format @ 70% quality, SRGB colour space

Q: What do I include in a WSPC Gallery submission?
A:  Each image submisssion should have: your name included in the file name; the photographer’s (your) biography (the bio only needs to be sent initially or if it needs to be updated), and the Link to your website if you have one.

Q. Where do I e-mail my WSPC gallery images?
A:  Peter Blahut at pgblahut@gmail.com

Q. What do I do to update my image Gallery?
Send your new images to Peter and advise him which existing images (if any) should be removed from your Gallery.

Image Review Night

Q: How many images can I submit for Image Review?
A: Three  images

Q: What do I name my image file for Image Review?
A: Image file name should be 1LastNameFirstName.jpg, 2LastNameFirstName.jpg and 3LastNameFirstName.jpg

Q: What are the file size dimensions for an Image Review submission?
A:  The longest edge of the image should be 1400 pixels, sRGB color space is optimal and the file size should be less than 1MB.  More information on image sizing can be found on the Calendar tab under Image Review.

Q. Where do I e-mail my WSPC Image Review images?
A:   wspcir@gmail.com by 8:00 pm the Sunday before Image Review Night

Other Questions

Q:  Does WSPC recommend products, services or companies to members?
A:  No.  Under the WSPC constitution, the club is unable to endorse a person or organization including products.

Q: Does WSPC have a forum to sell or buy camera equipment or software?
A:  Not at this time.  Members are welcome to send an email to other members letting them know, however, we do not have a buy and sell forum at this time.

Q:  I am involved in an event that I think could be of interest to members.  How do I let them know?
A:  Email the information to the President at wspc.president@gmail.com and the President will let you know if he(she) will be circulating the information to members.

Q:  Does WSPC have information on recycling batteries?
A:  Yes.  You can recycle your batteries at one of the recycling depots listed at this website, http://www.call2recycle.ca/drop-off-your-old-batteries.  Batteries can be dropped off at Pixel’s, Rona, Sears, Staples, to name a few locations.

Q: I am interested in submitting images in a contest.  What kinds of things should I consider?
A:  You will want to check out the fine print, particularly on whether the photographer retains their rights to the image.  Some contests grant the Sponsor an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual worldwide license to use the photography and its description in any way without compensation or recognition of the photographer or the photographer’s rights, including moral rights.  We would recommend you carefully consider before you give up your rights to an image to a Sponsor in perpetuity (forever).