Image Review Night

Image Review Hosts: (see monthly email from the WSPC President for location address. Failing that, email me at












What is Image Review 

The one activity that distinguishes WSPC is the very friendly Image Review that we hold on the last Friday night of each month. Due to the strong participation in Image Review Nights and space limitations, the first 20 – 25 people to submit images will be accepted.  A confirmation email will be sent prior to Image Review evening confirming that we received your images and attendance.

The purpose of image review nights is to:

1.  provide a valuable forum to gain feedback to improve photographic skills;
2.  create an opportunity to be inspired by the work of fellow members including new ways of seeing and discovering new locations;
3.  create a gathering place to socialize with fellow members.

Bring your best images, your troubled images, your wild ideas …. and  receive helpful, constructive suggestions from fellow members.  Or just come to watch and learn. Up to three (3) images can be submitted.    The longest edge of the image should be 1400 pixels, sRGB color space is optimal. The file size should be less than 1 MB.

Each image name should be: 1LastnameFirstname.jpg,  2LastnameFirstname.jpg, 3LastnameFirstname.jpg…  The images will be presented during the evening in a random format without the photographer’s identity being named.

Members are also asked to bring a snack or finger foods, fruit, or desserts, as we will have a break at the halfway point and enjoy some food. You can also bring your beverage of choice…

Image Submission Instructions:  Once your images are ready, submit them by emailing them to by 8:00 pm the Tuesday before Image Review Night.